X-Men Curse of the Mutants: Storm & Gambit #1

Comic book, 2010

My God, look at that cover. This photo referencing craze is making for some ugly, ugly comic art, isn’t it? What the fuck is the deal with that guy in the bottom left hand corner? He’s definitely shoving his penis in something off panel. And loving it! Fortunately the art inside is much better, as done by Chris Bachalo, one of those guys who has a really distinct style but you see drawing lots of superhero comics anyway. Although, as is typical of him, the action is pretty unintelligible in places. There’s a fair amount of squinting at panels on the part of the reader, wondering what is going on. It may not be his fault, as this thing has “rushed to press” practically stamped on it’s cover: there was no creative team listed in the solicitation two months before release, there’s like five inkers credited and some of the pages aren’t even inked at all! The writing is okay. If you’re looking for a nostalgic jolt, and Jesus what are you doing with this thing if you’re not, then it’s not half bad. Gambit is Gambit again, the Indiana Jones of superheroes, not the lovelorn soap opera character he’s been for the last few years of X-Men comics. The story centers on Storm feeling sad about having to kill a bunch of innocent people so the X-Men can win a fight against a bunch of vampires. What? I don’t know. 2

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