Film, 1997

This terrible movie is only made watchable by some great special effects (but not as many as you would think, with it being directed by Robert Kurtzman of legendary effects group KNB) and by inviting the viewer to play “spot the horror star”, because it’s packed full of them (Tony Todd, Sam Raimi’s brother, Kane Hodder, the voice of Angus Scrimm, Kurtzman’s KNB partner Howard Berger, and on and on, all present due to the involvement of said director). There are some nice moments of horror, but it’s shot too cleanly to really look scary- watch it on a dirty old VHS if you can. The sound on my DVD copy (a double bill with it’s direct-to-video sequel) was horribly mixed- I had to manually adjust the volume the entire time. The opening scene contains a few quick shots of the best looking animated skeleton I’ve ever seen. 1

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