Film, 2008

Despite the low rating, I think everyone should go see this movie. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be- a completely detached representation of our President. It’s completely passive in it’s depiction- the beauty of this is that people feel the same way about the movie as they did about Bush himself. People who thought he was great will think it’s a movie about a great president, and people who didn’t like him will think that it’s a movie about a bad president. All the movie does is say “This just happened.” With all the election hooplah right now, I think that people should take a moment to step back, realize that Bush is still the President right now, and remember what just happened.
So why the low rating? Well, besides the timeliness of it’s subject matter, there really was nothing to this movie. It’s a flavorless dish. And although that’s what I thought it should be, that doesn’t make it a quality film.
I also really enjoyed the experience of seeing an actionless character film in the theater. It’s been a long time since I had. There was something cool about seeing those big heads on screen, 40 feet tall, doing nothing but talking to each other. It’s a different experience than renting it and watching it at home, a point that I had forgotten. 2

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