Tropic Thunder

A few funny moments, but overall it’s just a mediocre comedy. All the good reviews Tropic Thunder is getting are baffling to me. It’s pretty standard Stiller fare, which has never really worked for me. Robert Downey Jr is good, but doesn’t do anything he couldn’t have done in a Saturday Night Live sketch. Jack Black has practically been edited out of almost the entire thing, but his few scenes that did survive did nothing to make me wish they hadn’t. I thought for sure that the filmmakers were going to juxtapose the absurdity of the war film that the characters were trying to make off of a frightening, realistic setting (which the characters accidentally, obliviously stumbled into), but when the “real world” ended up being just as cartoony as the war film they set out to make, what seems like to me should have been the comedic center of the movie was completely lost. 2/5

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