Tom Strong #2

Comic book, 1999

The way I saw it, and I believe I’ve heard Alan Moore confirm this in interview, was that Moore’s ABC line of comics were his attempt to make the opposite of Watchmen. That’s fine, but all that really mattered was that he was putting the best superhero comics on the stands at the time, four different titles a month (one of them containing four different stories in itself). It was staggering. Somehow I missed this issue of Tom Strong at the time, but I’ve got it now. It’s good, just the same as all of the other issues of Strong. There’s a whole fucking story in this thing, beginning, middle and a big end. The art id great. When you set it down, you go “That was good”. I never understood why these books didn’t get bigger. Too smart for the dumb people and too dumb for the smart people, probably. Tom Strong always had an emptiness to me, like the characters were hollow somehow, but it’s probably the result of my not being familiar with the serial adventure old-timey comics that this was riffing on. 4

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