The Good Night

While not a really great movie, The Good Night is a fun watch. It’s a movie that deals with familiar themes (the feelings of listlessness that come with settling down), but it’s fun to watch Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg work though them. The surreal dream sequences are also fun and heavy with feeling, but aren’t as psychologically rich as they should have been. Good music. What’s weird is how similar this movie is to CQ by Roman Coppola. They both feature artists struggling to express themselves professionally and are having doubts about their committed relationships that lead them to retreat into a fantasy world (complete with it’s own fantasy woman). They’re also both very pensive and thoughtful, with great soundtracks. My common complaint with both movies is that the female characters, the girlfriend and the fantasy, don’t really feel three dimensional (although that could be intentional in the case of the latter). 3/5

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  1. […] code. I can even┬árecognize┬áthat the movie isn’t good, but still unabashedly love it (hello The Good Night). Sleeping Beaty is like that, and I almost hate to think too hard about the plot or themes […]

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