The Fountain

Film, 2006

It was pretty much predetermined that I would like this movie. First of all, because of it’s reception. Anything that everyone seems to have a unique and passionate opinion about, I usually like. (Especially if a healthy number of people DIDN’T enjoy it.) Secondly, because it’s a thoughtful and fantastic (in the “out of this world” sense of the word) film that lets you think for yourself just as much as it entertains you. It’s beautiful and expressive, and everyone can come away with something different from it. Thirdly, it’s entertaining to watch.
I can understand why people didn’t like it. It’s very serious and it’s more than just entertainment- two things that often spell death at the box office. Also, it’s not perfect; it might be a tad TOO serious and the symbolism is occasionally a little painfully obvious. But these are minor, minor gripes and I don’t know why they would get in the way of anyone’s enjoyment of the picture. This level of intelligent, entertaining and well made cinema is a very rare find. 4.5

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