The Fifth Cord

Film, 1971

The Fifth Cord is a bad movie. It’s only gripping a couple of times (a creepy phone call and a chase sequence or two), the characters are basically sexy Italian lamps and when I found out whodunnit I couldn’t find a way to make it more interesting than “So that’s the guy who killed all those people in that movie I just watched”. But it’s still worth watching. Why? The photography is so stunning that it carries the entire movie. The color, composition and weird visual tricks makes each shot look like a carefully orchestrated photograph and make watching this boring thriller enjoyable. The way that buildings and objects are used to fill the frame is very geometric, Koyaanisqatsian even. So if you’re in the mood to watch a dude with a killer ‘stache and sick ‘chops interrogate a parade of gorgeous Italian women whom he sometimes propositions and sometimes slaps amidst a backdrop of mesmerizing tacking shots of 60’s Italian architecture and furniture, then you couldn’t do much better than The Fifth Cord. Or maybe you could, like I said it isn’t very good. 3

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