Tamara Drewe

Comic book, Serialized 2005-2007 this edition released 2008

Listen Tamara Drewe, we can’t see each other any more. It’s not you, it’s me. We just don’t connect. I’m sure you’re lovely. Tom Spurgeon said some nice things about you and even included you on his best of the year list (although, with a caveat), but there’s just nothing here for me to be interested in. I can understand your charm; a bunch of educated, foppish white people that all live in a small town have their lives shook up with the arrival of foxy young Tamara Drewe. They clumsily, amusingly navigate their middle aged lives and marriages which, I assume, are given new meaning after the tornado Ms Drewe blows (ah-hem) through town. But I’m just not charmed by those things. Add to that the amount of work you take, you’re awful thick and awful dense, and I’m just going to have to break it off, fifteen pages in. Best of luck with your movie!

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