Stange Tales II #3

Comic book, 2010

As I made my way to the store to buy this issue of Strange Tales, I had an unexpected feeling. I wasn’t excited. “Okay, buying another issue of Strange Tales” I thought. The novelty’s worn off. I’ve seen so many cute indie versions of Marvel superheroes that it’s all starting to seem kind of same-y. Once I got into the issue there was some good stuff, however; Benjamin Marra’s being the best, with Michael DeForge turning in a strong entry and James Stokoe, Terry Moore, Eduardo Medeiros and even Dean Haspiel’s pieces having their moments. (Meanwhile, the power team of Nick Gurewitch and Kate Beaton’s entry somehow falls completely flat.) I don’t know how interested I’d be in buying another series of this. My hope would be that by this point, if this series has been successful enough for them, Marvel would expand it into something larger- a full story by one of these talents might offer the depth for me to become interested in it again. If Eduardo Medeiros, for example, were allowed to create an entire Spider-Man comic book it might be something that normal children who read webcomics and watch Cartoon Network might be willing to read, rather than Marvel’s current “Same thing we’ve been doing for forty years-lite” approach to children’s comics, which seems to be aimed at young shut-ins. Your horizons have been expanded Marvel; now let’s see you use what you’ve learned. 3.5

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