Sports Night, Season 1

Television, 1998-1999

In my quest to find something to help me avoid thinking about myself or my sad life (that’s the only reason anyone wastes the amazing gift of life on watching entire seasons of shows they only kind of like, which seems to be a very popular activity among my demographic in my region of the world, right?) Sports Night has been an acceptable distraction. It takes place in a fantasy land where a group of people who are really into sports who are also really well-read and emotionally rich individuals all found each other and get to be witty at each other all day, every day at work. All the leads are hot, young and white (everyone who is not hot, young and white is relegated to being a two dimensional background character), and it makes me feel good about myself, okay? It starts out way overly sentimental, but then it either gets better or earns its sentimentality.

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