SF Supplementary File #2A

Comic book, 2011

I think there’s something intrinsic about comics that makes you want to focus on the form and the format. Maybe because it’s the best narrative storytelling medium for getting the most pure vision possible from the work’s creator. This is especially true of Ryan Cecil Smith’s comics. His color choices are lush, his low-fi, hand-made printing methods make his work approachable and tactile and his rendering style is saturated in personality and expression. Even the fucking envelope and receipt he shipped the comic to me in are amazing. This guy is going out of his way to make every aspect of his comics delightful, and it’s paying to huge for his readers. Which is great, because this is a little wisp of a story.¬†Literally¬†three things happen in the space of its 24 pages. Which is appropriate, as it’s based on an older Japanese work, a country famous for sacrificing plot for character.

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