Secret Prison #2

Comic book, 2010

The common wisdom, or perhaps common decency, of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is at odds with my goal of having this blog be a comprehensive collection of my thoughts on all of the media I consume. In fact, something feels flat out wrong about publicly saying anything negative about the clearly diligent efforts of the organizers of this anthology. Why? I guess because it’s a truly independent effort attempting to showcase art and artists from their own city. Those two things deserve praise no matter the merit of the work. But looked at in a broader perspective, the work in Secret Prison largely seems to have nothing interesting to say, and much of it is highly derivative of better known, idiosyncratic artists. As with any anthology there are some bright spots (Luke Pearson’s How to Exist For a Day, Simon Gardenfors’ Hobby and you certainly can’t ignore Ben Marra’s hot pink highlighted Lingerie Models, Secret Assassins), and it sure is packaged attractively, but by in large I feel like the anthology’s ambitions outweigh it’s content. 2.5

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