Ragemoor #2

Comic book, 2012

I fell in love head over heels with the first issue of this comic. It was like an Evil Dead-y Twilight Zone, with maniacal writing, disarming artwork and a gnarly atmosphere. The atmosphere makes it to the second issue intact (in this issue we learn that the living castle Ragemoor employs bare-skulled baboons to keep subterranean worm-monsters at bay) as does the writing (“Summon the servants! Arm them with knives from the kitchen! Tell them we are hunting baboon!”). But, while it was serviceable, I thought the art come down a notch. It’s not bad, but certainly lighter, like less time was spent on it. That’s a slightly bigger deal to me because I feel that the atmosphere of Ragemoor, both the book and the place, is served well by dense art, and I felt the protagonist lost a bit of definition. It’s funny, as I picked this up off the shelf I glanced over at Corben’s other book Murky World, then remembered his recent Hellboy graphic novel and thought “That’s a lot of pages, how does he do it?” Hm. Well. Still though, greatly worth the price of admission for the writing and atmosphere, and it’s got a killer, killer cover.

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