R.A.V. #2+3

Comic book, originally serialized in 2009 and 2010 with this edition being published in 2010

Michaela Zacchilli’s R.A.V.#2+3 is a collection of the first two issues or her badass action comic R.A.V. Drawn in a style so loose and frantic that a first time reader couldn’t be faulted for not only assuming that it doesn’t have a story but that the drawings aren’t completely abstract, R.A.V. requires a bit of attention just to read. Rather than being off-putting, the effect achieved is more of a cognitive dissidence that implies that the proceedings are occurring in an existence outside of our own. It’s kind of like watching a show on the TV from Poltergeist and it’s not so much that the reception is bad but it’s not something humans can totally comprehend. In addition to the visuals being a challenge to work through, the word balloons poke out of characters mouths as if they’re an extension of their esophaguses and their dialogue is labored in a way that implies that it’s a struggle merely forming thoughts in their reality. Behind all these fun mind games is an even more fun story with the kind of stream of consciousness storytelling that strikes a chord you’ve never heard before but sounds completely in tune. What all this madness adds up to for me is a fun read that operates on a level I’ve never explored before. 4

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