Prophet #21

Comic book, 2012

Yeah, so, everyone’s right. This is great. It’s kind of like Daredevil for me. This shouldn’t be special. There’s nothing new or remarkable about it other than the sad fact that it’s as good as it should be and that stands it head and shoulders above everything else on the stands. The coloring is a conscious throwback to 80’s genre comics (but more sophisticated), and the drawings are great. Just loose enough to give your imagination room to play, and the protagonist’s pursed lips evocative of the playful sensibilities of it’s writer, King City cartoonist Brandon Graham. I like it when this happens. When someone with a normally loose style with some substance to it buckles down and makes a straightforward genre piece without winking. Not that Graham’s older work is slighter than this, but this feels like the big league culmination of everything he’s been doing up until this point. I was worried about it’s aimlessness. I’m not sure I would’ve been on board every month for a comic as aimless as most of this issue is, but an overarching plot is breached toward the end and that was enough to make this the second regularly released comic I currently have a sub for at my local shop.

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