Party Down: Season Two

Television, 2010

The second season of Party Down is not as entertaining as the first. It’s not worse, it just isn’t as fun to watch. (But it’s a comedy, so maybe that does make it worse.) Although it’s only the second season of the show, and the first season was only ten episodes long, it spends much of it’s run trying to squeeze interest out of putting the characters where they don’t belong. Ken Marino’s character should never have been the boss, and Adam Scott’s character was the smartest person on the show. Take Marino’s undeserved power away and give Scott the power he deserves, and the characters lose their edge. The resulting misery that the characters face dulls the show down, and it was already suffering from the loss of Jane Lynch. I did realize another thing that distinguishes this show from most other Apatow-inspired productions though; it’s characters aren’t dull-witted man-babies. They’re intelligent, relatable characters. Advantage Party Down. Also, points for realizing that their low rated Starz original show might not get a next season and giving all of their characters happy endings. 3

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