Party Down: Season One

Television, 2009

Not inventive enough to be really good, Party Down is a fun watch if you’re up for killing some time by watching a par, maybe above par, Apatow style comedy. What Party Down has going for it that most Apatow-esque projects don’t is that it’s a tv show. So while it’s going to suck up a lot more of your time, you’re also going to become a lot more invested in the characters. Maybe not in a way that pays off spectacularly, but certainly in a way that will make it hard for you to stop watching episodes. Other differences it has over Apatow projects is the less recognisable cast (advantage) and a higher level of drama (which can be good or bad, depending on your taste). But like I said, it’s not edgy enough to be anything truly noteworthy. Everyone’s white, the two lead characters are the blandest, most attractive and most witty in the cast and of course they fall in love. The “will they or wont they?” factor is more engrossing than average here, even stressful, as they are both genuinely likable and have a hard time truly connecting. For me, it’s probably the best propulsion a show has gotten from it’s central romance since the British Office. The 40 Year Old Virgin really was a big turning point in comedy, for better or for worse. So if you liked the improv silliness of Virgin or Knocked Up or Role Models or Undeclared or Sarah Marshall or whatever, good news. Here’s another pretty good one of those. 3.5

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