Neonomicon #3

Comic book, 2010

Hoo boy, Neonomicon. This thing is hard to take. I have a hard time accepting, and most of the time even rationalizing, rape depicted in entertainment. After the horrors of last issue this one doesn’t seem so bad, which seemed intentional. This comic is the first thing in a long time that feels dangerous, like I shouldn’t be reading it. They say that you can’t shock anyone any more, that there are no boundaries left uncrossed, but this book has proven otherwise, at least to me. Compared to the first two issues, this one’s pretty light on plot. It’s showing more and more of the horrors that it promised in the first couple of issues, and they’ve become more mundane as a result. Not sure if they could ever have appeared as terrifying as they were suggested to be, the only slow-burn horror I’ve ever seen deliver on it’s promises was Berserk, but we’ll see- the next issue promises to show even more. 3.5

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