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I was fortunate enough to see Mofos at the last Altercation party at Snapper Magee’s in Kingston. Have you ever gone to see a band and been completely unable to pick you jaw up off the floor the entire time they performed? That’s what happened when Mofos took the stage. With just a guitar and a drum set (and no vocals) they rocked harder than any other band that night. Of course, a big part of that (for me at least) was the “open bar” status at Snapper’s. Something about really good surf rock goes well with being drunk, like coffee and cigarettes (or pie, if you prefer). They just played forty minutes of crunchy, skilled, fast surf rock. And out of one of the loudest amps I’ve ever heard in my life.

So I got home and soon after ordered their album, Supercharged on Alcohol. I was surprised to find out that they actually have a bassist who was absent the night I saw them, and that their album completely lives up to their live show. If you like Link Wray, later Dick Dale, or Man or… ASTROman?, then this album demands a place on your shelf. If you don’t know about these things, then go over to their website and give some of their free downloads a try.

Every review I’ve read of their stuff mentions Motorhead as an influence but I don’t really hear it. It’s just straightforward, take no prisoners, perfectly played surf. With a little extra kick-ass.

Music: 8
Cover art: 6
Minutes of the show I can actually remember: 6

(once tracks are downloaded, play as loud as possible for maximum effect)
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