Marley & Me

Film, 2008

I went in expecting the wacky comedy I was promised in the previews, but was instead given a bland, sentimental family drama. That’s not totally true, it did kind of try to be a comedy during it’s first half, but totally lacked any of the required wit and personality. Around the halfway mark the film turns full on family drama, offering up played out morals like “It’s better to raise a family than to be a hotshot at work and with women” and “Dogs are good because they love you no matter what”. Jennifer Aniston’s acting and character couldn’t be blander. I would give the filmmakers points for not shying away from addressing the dog’s death, but they get them taken right back away for tipping the sentimentality scale many times over. On the plus side, Alan Arkin is pretty good during his few scenes and it’s nice to see Kathleen Turner again. 1

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