Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #2

Comic book, 2012

Like Dan Clowes says, comics aren’t a very operatic medium. (I repeat this, as he originally stated it, as “someone who would rather be reading comics than anything else.) It’s rare that they’re able to deliver visceral emotional responses, but Arcudi comes up with no less than two in this issue. A joke on the first page, and a retort from the plucky female reporter midway through that earns her stripes with the boy’s club. I’m certainly also still loving Tonci Zonjic’s artwork here, but I’m wondering if this subject matter isn’t a little too on-the-nose for him. I fell in love with his work on an old Madman special, and the discrepancy between his aesthetic and the material produced a more unique, exciting energy. Maybe that’s not exactly my disconnect, but I can’t help but fixate on that small chink in this otherwise flawless armor.

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