Comic book, 2007

I had been hearing about this being a great example of modern comic book horror for a while now. I think it’s reputation, along with the cover, led me to expect something other than what it actually is. The cover is a painting inside an old house that is being explored by a bunch of young people who all get mangled. That makes it sound like a classic “cabin in the woods” type deal, and maybe it’s a play on that, but it’s not really. Nothing too weird happens, they just fall down some stairs and get mad and punch some walls and stuff. There’s no dialogue, which usually I would like but didn’t really do anything for me here. What that did for me instead of ratcheting up the atmosphere was encourage me to read it much more quickly than I should have (my bad). To be fair, I think I’ll like it a lot more the next time I read it. 3

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