Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil

Comic book, 2010

Here’s the latest Mignola/ Corben Hellboy book. The second Hellboy book they did together, The Crooked Man, was the most personally effective horror comic I’ve ever read and every time they have a new book out together I’m hoping they’ll hit those same heights. But they haven’t. In fact, while writing this review I had to go through my longbox just to see if they even had released anything since then. They have, a couple of pretty forgettable one-shots (although the Mexico one had some nice moments) and this is another of those. It’s a collection of short stories, of which the framing sequence is my favorite part. But, you know, a par Mignola/ Corben comic is still a pretty good comic, and there are some great images sprinkled throughout. 3.5

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