Hellboy/ Beasts of Burden: Sacrifice

Comic Book, 2010

As a “dog lover” Beasts of Burden is a really hard comic for me to read. Seeing the realistically rendered little guys with human personalities get put in real danger is gut wrenching, but that’s one of the series main points, I think. Otherwise, the writing is great and the tone of the art is good but it seems a little stiff to me sometimes. In this one they meet up with Hellboy. He hasn’t done that in a while. The unpleasantness of the main animal’s peril almost has me not picking up new issues of Beasts when it comes out, but then I remember that it’s one of the very few pretty good comics that deserve to be supported. But I’m also at a point where I don’t really want to start a new series. It gives me a feeling of “Here we go again” that’s kind of a turn-off. But I’m probably just being a grouchy old man and should continue plunking down the three or four bucks whenever it comes out. 3.5

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