This is a scenario of a movie’s long shadow working against it. I’m sure this movie would have been a whole lot more effective if I had seen it in a theater in 1978. But since this trailblazing film was released it’s imitators have topped and worn out all of it’s tricks, leaving not a very interesting movie. It’s tough holding a work’s own success against it. Do I blame the Sex Pistols personally for ruining punk? No. But that doesn’t make it any easier to listen to their albums. Also, John Carpenter’s music is rediculous. There is something to the music in this film that is genuinely unnerving, and I can understand why it’s been copied so much, but it’s in like EVERY scene. Three girls walking down the street and talking about the big dance, a scene that’s not even attempting to build tension, doesn’t need the creepy score. 2/5

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