Doom House

Okay Big Mike. I will review Doom House.

Doom House is an internet movie directed by the guys who run Something This is the site that revealed the surprise ending to Harry Potter 5 hours after the book was released, as well as numerous other internet scandals.

So they made this movie Doom House. It’s like fifteen minutes long and pretty funny. As with internet movies (and most things, now that computers have made it possible for anyone to make anything) there is practically no production value. But the makers of this film did a smart thing and took advantage of this. By which I mean to say that they slipped it a roofie, tied it to a bed in a out of the way hotel room, and had their way with it for days.


What they did seems easy, but I can’t remember anyone else doing it. There are obvious deliberate continuity errors between just about every shot, and the acting is hilariously bad. There’s something about this kind of self-aware filmmaking that I really love. This is the real draw to not only this type of movie, but to the “bad” horror movies that Doom House is lampooning. There’s a strange sense of honesty that comes out when a movie says “Listen. I know that you know I’m not real. So what do you say that we just kick back, throw down on some beer, and have a good time?” It’s so much easier to enjoy yourself, and to get behind what you’re watching because it’s not lying to you.


There are a couple of actors that use this “I know you know” strategy. Dave Chapelle definitely used it on his show. You always felt that you were in on a joke with him when he acted. And I think Brad Pitt uses this strategy much more complexly. His acting style is not realistic in any way, but still comes off as honest and sincere. At one point in the movie Full Frontal, Brad Pitt is in a movie within a movie within a movie, and you can see him playing to every layer of awareness.


So yeah, Doom House… It’s a good funny self aware internet movie. It’s probably about ten minutes too long, but maybe that’s another intentionally bad thing. Channel 101 has it right, limiting this stuff to five minutes each. Come to think of it, I’m going to do a review of Channel 101’s next prime time lineup.


Story: 6 Acting: 7 Direction: 7 Visuals: 5 Sound: 6 Editing: 4 Filters applied in Adobe Premiere: more than I can count Moral: Dude, just move out of the fucking Doom House.


Overall: 7

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