Doctor Who: Season 2, Episode 7; Season 4, Episodes 8 through 11

Television, 2006-2008

Attention everyone I kept asking what a good episode to get into Doctor Who with was: The answer was Season 4, Epsiode 10: “Midnight”. It has a bold horror vibe used to rattle the cage of a handful of really well defined characters, resulting in something like a neo-Twilight Zone. I really can’t recommend watching it enough. The rest of the episodes were okay, the arc in Episodes 8 and 9, “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” having some worthwhile moments, but it was all a little continuity heavy for me. I usually find continuity heavy genre fiction to be dreadfully boring. The writing can almost never support the weight of the gravitas, and the inherent silliness of the proceedings makes it even harder to swallow, and Doctor Who certainly has those drawbacks, but to a lesser extent than most. Also, it’s nice to see such normal looking women in a television show. Bravo for that Doctor. “Midnight” 4, Everything else 3

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