Dark Secrets of Infestation 2

Comic book, 2011

I got this little preview pamphlet for free on my way out of the comic shop tonight. Wow, what a piece of shit. It seems like the idea behind this whole thing, IDW’s Infestation 2, is that it’s a team up between the Ninja Turtles, Transformers, GI Joe and some other stuff. I can see a certain group of people getting really excited about that. But they wont get excited about whatever this thing is. Nope, instead we get the boring backstory of that crossover, the part no one cares about. I remember thinking years ago before the first Alien Vs Predator came out, “The worst thing they could do with this movie is make it about a bunch of stupid humans that no one cares about”. And of course, they did. I mean, if you’re going to try and sell me this orgy, why wont you stop telling me about the curtains in the room it takes place in? Just show me a room full of people having sex, that’s what I came here for. What was i talking about? Oh yeah, this is a boring piece of shit. I guess meta-hijacking Lovecraft’s entire body of work and using it as your own is like an official genre now. There’s also an Ed Anger essay in the back of this, because I guess IDW licensed the Weekly World News? That’s just ridiculous and pointless enough for a pass. But only for that part. Every other part of this manages to miss a target that a blind child who didn’t know they were in a shooting match could hit.

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