Daredevil #7 (2011)

Comic book, 2011

I don’t read a lot of superhero comics, but I’ve been picking this one up. Only when Paulo Rivera draws it. I recognize that Marcos Martin is good, and he’s pulled off a lot of really cool storytelling trick shots, but I love Rivera’s work. It’s got an edge to it that really appeals to me. So I started picking this up, and as it turns out the story’s good too. I’m totally unfamiliar with Mark Waid other than some unreadable 90’s X-Men comics he did, so this was a pleasant surprise. There’s nothing groundbreaking or remarkable about it other than it’s quality. I like what Tucker Stone had to say about it in his recent Comics Reporter interview. He said that this book wouldn’t stand out to someone who doesn’t read comics because there’s nothing unique about it. It’s every other book that would stand out, because they’re all so ugly and vapid. Anyway, this is their Christmas issue. That classic bit where you stop pretty much everything else that’s going on and tell a story that conveys the spirit of the season. The twist on this is that it’s absolutely harrowing- Daredevil has to save a group of children under extremely adverse and rapidly worsening conditions. It’s pretty effective, but the big heartwarming payoff at the end is a little too far-fetched, so it loses a good deal of it’s emotional punch (and I’m a sucker for that stuff). Most comics have bad art and bad writing. Some have good art and bad writing. I can only assume there are ones with good writing and bad art that I’ve never been able to bring myself to look at. Daredevil has good art and good writing. Dig it.

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