Caprica, “Pilot” part 2

Television, 2010

Okay, so, thoughts on Episode 2 (or the second half of the pilot- what Netflix labels as “Episode 2”.)
– I warmed up a bit to this series during this episode.
-I think they managed to find a passably interesting way to revisit one of the main themes of the original series- that being the question of where to draw the line when considering what type of being deserves to be considered equal to human (My stance? If something has the power to ask that question of its own volition than they have the right)- but I would have preferred that Caprica walk its own path rather than continue that of Battlestar. I would have found a show centered around exploring a society built so tall it’s about to topple far more interesting, and apt, than what it’s doing instead- trying to expand on the thoughts of a show that is supposed to occur after it.
-The characters started to breathe with a bit more life. None of the kids. But Stolz’s character started to grow a gnatty personality. And I thought the headmistress of the school and Joseph Adama’s brother hold potential as distinct characters. But I still can’t imagine enjoying any of them as i could right off the bat with much of the Battlestar cast. I’m just noting that there are actual hints of some characters here now.
-One of the reasons that I’m having a hard time picturing caring about these characters, other than my previously stated ones, is that these people, affluent city dwellers, are just not as sympathetic as Battlestar’s soldiers and refugees.
-Joseph Adama’s daughter’s post-death freakout was pretty great. A truly horrifying concept well played by the actress.

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