Caprica, “Pilot” part 1

Television, 2010

I watched the first episode, or first half of the pilot (whatever “Episode 1” on Netflix is), and was underwhelmed by this, ad I’d heard I would be. The opening moments- a rave scene that would have been cliche in 1997- set the bar low. You can tear it apart technically. Bad direction in the form of jarring shifts from wide to tight shots, artless, even sloppy editing and some straight-up ugly special effects suck the life out of anything good that’s going on here. Worst of all are the actors- all flat and without personality, certainly the opposite of the cast of the show that spawned this, Battlestar Galactica. (The stiffness among the cast’s many young members is especially cumbersome.) The shaky cam Caprica inherited from BSG doesn’t fit to me. We’re in a very different world from BSG, and it should be communicated in a distinct way from BSG’s singular aesthetic (If I were calling the shots here, I’d make them watch the trailer for I Am Love- that’s how you show bloated to the point of bursting society.) Still has the same great music though. I may watch another episode or two, due to my love of BSG, hoping they find a little more footing here.

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