Caprica, Episode 2 “Rebirth”

Television, 2010

-This show is pretty cheap looking. That’s a pretty big sin for something this high profile. They overreached. BSG looked great, but they had a very limited number of sets to create within a relatively small scope. These guys tried to create an entire city, and a lot of it looks like it was finger painted.

-A hookah bar? Really? Or is that an opium den? Either way, this show keeps showing us that it’s vision of “cutting edge” was formed in 1996 and remains frozen there.
-The group marriage thing was a good idea and could have come off as a genuinely dangerous and sexy idea, if this show were classier all around. Instead, it just feels kinda icky.
-The character of and actor portraying Joseph Adama are both so, so bland.
-The way I respond to modern genre is the way I think most other people respond to sports. To me, the creators are the players and their work is the game. I critique the creative choices they make as someone else might critique a throw made by a football player. I don’t do this with anything made before the internet became widespread. There’s something to that.

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