Black Metal

Comic book, 2007

Black Magic doesn’t seem to have any real reason to exist, other than to try and recreate that Scott Pilgrim magic. It’s similar subject matter (a literal manifestation of pop culture), published by the same company and in the same format. And just to drive the point home, there’s a character reading Scott Pilgrim in the book itself. It’s an unfulfilled promise on a couple of fronts though; as far as I can tell the “Book One” label on the cover is an empty threat, and the story can’t hold a candle to Pilgrim. The story is a bunch of empty, dark sword and sorcery nonsense, the love story is stiff as a board and while you can appreciate that some of the jokes are cleaver, none of them are funny. All in all, it’s a chore to read through. What’s great about it, however, is the art. Chuck BB is kind of an equal mix between Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, Johnny Ryan and Sam Hiti. It ends up looking kind of like that old Samurai Jack cartoon, and lifts this book from a 2 to a 3. 3

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