Black Jack, Vol. 1

Comic book, Originally serialized in the 1970’s this edition released 2008

Black Jack is a fun premise: mysterious renegade surgeon Black Jack takes on the most bizarre and intense medical feats the world has to offer, all drawn up by Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy. It’s a flamboyantly silly premise delivered with the grim seriousness you’d expect from manga. I was reminded a lot of the Ace Attorney series of lawyer based, Japanese video games. It’s really good though, Tezuka is one of the best comic artists that ever lived in case you didn’t know. And while this doesn’t carry the weight of something like Apollo’s Song, he still belts you one every now and then. The format, a series of short, self-contained stories, also ensure that you can’t put it down. Fun! 3.5

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