Battlestar Galactica: Season 3, Episodes 9-14

Television, 2006-2007

Although it was fairly absent from the show’s abysmal second season, Apollo and Starbuck’s romance is my least favorite part of Battlestar. It seemed forced when the show first started, and now that the characters have developed into completely different directions it seems preposterous. As such, we don’t see them rediscover their feelings for each other. We’re just told that it happens, and they’re forced to act completely out of character in order to make it work. It’s hard to watch. A few episodes before this arc I had the thought that it was very cool how that particular romantic thread slowly disappeared due to the organic growth of the characters, and how much respect for the show I’d have if it was allowed to die. This section of the third season starts to slip back into the aimlessness of the second season, but more interesting subject matter is found to explore. It seems like we might be biding our time until the third season finale, when the actual story will presumably start again. I wish I could stop talking about how bad the second season of this show is. But I’m unable to shake it and am constantly holding everything new I see up to it to see how it compares. 3

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