Battlestar Galactica: Season 3, Episodes 6-8

Television, 2006

Battlestar is good again, but still not as good as the first season. There’s tension again; it’s a blow every time a fighter plane gets damaged, but now it’s more “aw dang” than “holy shit”. But maybe that’s not fair. It would be almost impossible to hold on to the levels of tension, drama and even action of the first few episodes of this season. Not that it doesn’t have it’s definite flaws. A lot of the plot is propelled more by convenience than reason, and explicitly stated directly to the audience to compensate. I half expected Baltar to look directly into the camera and say “Hear that folks, there are five more Cylons” or Lucy Lawless to hold up a picture of the planet Earth with the words “Do want” written above it. One thing that never gets old for me is how deeply unloveable the character of Starbuck is. She’s selfish, stubborn, close-minded, mean and even a little dumb. And not for reasons that give you sympathy for her. She’s just kind of awful. But I actually don’t dislike Starbuck. I like her almost exclusively because of her complete lack of admirable qualities- I’m thrilled at her awfulness, every time she puts it on full display, which is like all the time. She’s so terrible it’s respectable. I mean, she is independent, tough and strong-willed, but even those positive qualities come from a selfish place. The creators may not have set out to make her that way, but they may not have minded that she ended up that way either. From what I hear the show was pretty organic- they didn’t have much planned out when they first started it (hence some of the retcons mocked above). 3.5

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