Batman & Robin #13 & 14

I picked these up because everyone on the internet has been totally freaking out about them, and I happened to pass by them in a store. I’ve picked up a couple other arcs in this series, the ones drawn by Frank Quitely and Cameron Stewart. Loved the Quitely issues, was ambivalent about the Stewart ones. These two issues fell between those arcs, quality wise, for me. I’m not really qualified to comment because I haven’t been following the series closely, but the writing here doesn’t give me a desire to. Batman’s fighting people, supervillians are scary, Comissioner Gordon’s captured, the Joker says something silly while throwing explosives at people, sure sure. The scenes of the Joker battling the new Robin are pretty gripping though. I think the highlight for most people here is the art. I’d never heard of Frazer Irving before these issues, but he sure is talented and has a unique style. While it might get dangerously close to photo tracing at times, his figures has a life, and he produces overwhelming moments of atmosphere on more than enough occasions here to make this a truly noteworthy book. But what’s with these Frank Quitely covers? The best standard superhero artist working hands in covers that are so stark and boring that the colorist feels obligated to punch them up by throwing a bunch of crap on them. 3.5

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