B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: New World #5

Comic book, 2010

B.P.R.D.‘s first series since the world-changing events of their previous epic has been a consciously smaller one, hearkening back to the simpler stories of yore; B.P.R.D. hear about monster, find monster, resolve monster. While superficially that, this story also ties into the larger forces at work which adds some heft to an otherwise… underwhelming (?) story. I like the smaller stories, but something about this felt slight in a wrong way. Maybe it was the narrative simplicity; a mystery was established, the monster was fought and then we’re told explicitly what happened in five or so pages of straight exposition at the beginning of this issue. I’m willing to chalk the lack of complexity up to the creative team getting back in the saddle. 3.5

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