B Movies

The almighty Bruce Campbell has a theory that I used to find merely cute, but the more I look around the more I realize that it’s actually true. I’m not going to look up what interview it was in, but it was fairly recent. He said something along the lines of “A-Movies have become B-Movies”.
At first I thought that this was merely a heartwarming thought for the king of the B Movie, but then I read a very strange piece of news today… the movie Stealth that came out last summer (my friends and I referred to it as “Crazy Plane”) cost 135 million dollars to make.

Are you fucking serious? For anyone who doesn’t know: Stealth is about a plane with very advanced AI that goes nuts and starts killing people. It starred Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx (following closely in the footsteps of the incorrigible Halle Berry). Does a movie plot get any more B then that? And look at these movies… Herbie: Fully Loaded… War of the Worlds… Zathura?

IMDB trivia for Stealth: “500 gallons of gasoline were used for the explosion in the Alaska airfield sequence. NASA had to be notified of it in advance because it was so big.”

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