Aya of Yop City

Comic book, 2008

Is the sophomore slump a product of the artist or the viewer? Is it harder for an artist to do the same thing a second time without repeating themselves, or are the viewers’ expectations set by their initial view of the work impossible to match the second time out? Either way, I really loved the first volume of Aya and was underwhelmed by the second, Aya of Yop City. Beyond the fact that Yop City wasn’t a surprise to me I felt that the colors were duller, there were more signifigant storytelling problems and Aya, easily the most interesting and charismatic character in the series, is barely in the book. Instead we get a bunch of baby drama and dimwitted men. The first volume had a number of disparate storylines that all swung around and smashed into each other, but this one seemed to leave many of it’s plots unresolved. Perhaps with the freedom of knowing there will be another volume after this they felt that they were able to do that, but it made for an abrupt, unsatisfying ending for me. And none of the scenes seemed to be longer than two pages, which made the pacing a bit grating. It’s still good, I guess. But I’m hoping that the energy gets ramped back up in the third volume. 3

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